When self-care is more than just bubble baths & smoothies

Self-care isn’t just baths, books and candles. I used to force a yoga routine into an early morning despite the late night I had the day before or spend money on a smoothie maker with expensive vitamin ingredients all in the name of self-care. In reality I woke up exhausted and became stressed about finances. Of course, for some people an early yoga with finesse smoothies might be the key to their happiness. And perhaps in better circumstances they would work for me too.


But did you know self-care can include packing your bag the night before, money management or finally ringing your utility company about a bill. Not really Instagram worthy activities so you can understand why tranquil river walks or green super juices get more promo time online. It’s important to make time to give love to the everyday dull tasks that are easily put off. If you approach them from a place of self-compassion it becomes more about taking care of yourself and less about stressful life admin.


Glamorised self-care may show organisation as cute to do lists and colourful labelled boxes. Does anyone else find that the motivation just disappears after you finish your stunning list of today’s tasks? That’s not to say to do lists don’t work but if you lack the discipline to get it done then what’s the point? It’s an act of self-care to not put off those stressful tasks.


For me, making the time to get the dull, but important stuff out the way means that when it comes to the fun self-care like watching a film, snuggled in a blanket with my favourite snacks, I don’t feel so guilty doing them.


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