Simple Kind to Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-on – Review

I have pretty big eyelids, I can look tired and dull sometimes because of them. Especially in the morning before I’ve woken up properly! It’s incredibly annoying.I’ve tried lots of different eye creams and gels to help my eyes ‘wake up’, some came close however there’s only been one which has impressed me so far…


SimpleeyeSimple’s revitalising eye roll-on.

When I first undid the lid, it surprised me that the bit you apply onto the eye is a metal ball, I’m not sure what I was expecting but it wasn’t metal. Once trying the product, I was grateful it was metal as this made it feel fairly cold adding to the waking my eyelids up in the morning. The application was simple and quick and worked almost instantly. My eyelids looked less baggy and made me feel more awake.

Furthermore, I wear contacts and I have really sensitive eyes in the morning so some days it’s painful getting my contacts in. After using this Simple product, I found my eyes were less sensitive to my contact lenses, worked pretty well for me!

Another positive factor to this product, is that you don’t need to use your fingers to rub it in meaning it is more hygienic and you won’t be causing any wrinkles from pulling on the eyelids. The product states there is skin loving vitamins and ingredients in it that ‘help to reduce puffiness, wake up and revitalise your tired eyes’, the description is right!

I’m a huge fan of Simple products, most of my skin care is them because they cater to sensitive skin which I have. So I would recommend this product for anyone who has sensitive skin, sensitive eyes, puffy eyes or just generally wake up with tired eyes.

If anyone else has tried this and found its helped with contact lense wearing, let me know! I’m not sure if it’s just my eyes being weird or if this product has another use! haha.

I can’t think of single negative to this product! It’s easy to hold and there’s plenty of product to last a long time.

I bought this at Boots and it is currently £4.99.


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