“Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro Primer” vs “Rimmel Stay Matte Primer”


I had been getting Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro Primer for agesssss and then Rimmel brought out a new primer which I decided to try out. They are both very different primers!








 Skin Types:
The biggest difference between them is how they made my skin feel. Stay Matte Primer made my skin feel very dry so when I applied my foundation my skin was quite flaky. The Fix and Perfect Pro Primer however, did create a smooth base for my foundation and I had no troubles with application or my skin drying out.  Unfortunately, through the day my skin did feel a bit greasy with this primer. So for different skin types I would suggest Fix and Perfect Pro Primer is great for those with dry skin like me, and Stay Matte Primer is better for those with oily skin. And Rimmel Stay Matte Primer does last longer because it gets less greasy through the day.


Does the packaging tell the truth?
The Fix and Perfect Pro Primer claims to have 5 benefits. It says it smooths, resurfaces, brightens, mattifies and protects. It does smooth and resurface the skin for sure because I found it so easy to put foundation over it. Mattifies is a no! My skin did get greasy through the day as I mentioned before. Brightens I can mildly agree with because there’s a dewy glow for a while before the greasy feel kicks in. So if you don’t mind carrying a face powder round then this primer is great! I wasn’t too sure what it meant by protect so I had to Google it and apparently it protects from environmental aggressors. I can’t comment on this 5th benefit because I really have no idea if it does?
Stay Matte Primer states it can control shine which it has done for me! So that is no lie. It does indeed feel lightweight but there was no difference in pore appearance being minimised. It suggests it is skin-perfecting but for me it was not.


There is a price difference, a small one though. In both Boots and Superdrug the Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro Primer is £6.99 and the Stay Matte is £5.99. The price difference is tiny so it isn’t a huge deciding factor.


For me I am more inclined to carry on using the Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro Primer just because it is nicer for my dry skin type. I hope I have helped!(: x



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