L’oréal Paris False Lash Flutter mascara – Review


Love it! Already summed it up there. I got this as Christmas present and I absolutely love it. So I’ll get straight into the positives first! 

Right, firstly it lasts all day. I have had so many mascaras which just flake off my eyelashes or get less black and thinner during the day.
But this mascara has the staying power for sure.

The most important thing with the mascara is the interesting wand. It is shaped with a curve on two sides of the wands that go in and come out again on both sides. As the photo kind of shows. This helps you to get the wand right into the corners and helps with shaping the eyelashes. wandIt concentrates on the ends more which gives it the name flutter because it makes a girly look.

The other two sides of the wand are shorter and look like a basic wand which I use for my bottom lashes. The wand works! My lashes are long and clump free. I am able to get right into the outside of my lashes and the inside properly which has made my lashes look much fuller.

However, to use the wands full potential it can be rather time consuming. With a basic mascara you can just swipe it on really quickly but this is a more complex tool due to the wand. If you really want results I would probably give it 3-5 minutes. I mean once you get used to the wand it is quicker but I know I spent quite a while on Christmas day trying to figure it out.

Lastly, this is rather pricey at£10.99 at Superdrug. But seeing as it works I think the price is somewhat acceptable. I would love to buy it again once I have finished but could I afford it? We’ll see I guess!


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