How To Make Nails Grow Quicker

I am a nail biter. I can’t help it and it happens when I’m stressed. However, I had a job interview coming up to work in a super market and I realised that I had to have nice nails to work with food. I had a week to make them long… Here are my tips and what helped me.


1) Lavender oil
IMG_2884I filled a bowl with warm water and a few drops of lavender oil and soaked my nails in the water. Lavender oil is known for it’s healing and soothing properties so worked well with repairing my poor, brittle nails. After years of biting my nails, they needed this! I did this about 3 times in the week, I’m sure the more times the better.
Also, every night before I went to bed I put lavender oil straight on to my nails making sure to only used one drop. Not only does lavender do it’s healing properties but it’s a soothing smell so helped me sleep really quickly. Bonus.



2) Moisturise
I moisturised my hands a lot! At night I used Clarins ‘Hand and Nails treatment cream’ and IMG_2882then throughout the day I used Soap and Glory ‘Hand Food’ moisturiser. Avoiding dryness on my  nails helped the brittleness subside thus encouraging their growth. Healthy nails grow quicker.
I actually also used a moisturising face mask on my nails which is from Body Shop and is called ‘Vitamin E sink in moisture mask’. Vitamin E is very moisturising and I used this after the lavender oil and water soak.




3) Nail varnishes
IMG_2886I don’t mean the coloured varnishes, but the ones designed to help nail health. I used two nail products from AVON called ‘Nail experts growth potion’ and ‘Nail experts peeling and brittleness solver’. The second named one leaves a coat over the nail helping to protect it long term whilst the first named one is a treatment which soaks into the nails.

I also take a fish oil vitamin daily which may have helped the growth too, although, I wouldn’t say it’s that important in comparison to the tips mentioned. Vitamins and healthy foods will help nails stay long and strong in the long term but for quickness the tips I have mentioned worked for me.
Good luck with your nail growth, I hope they grow quickly for you too!



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