How I dealt with acne (2013)

My spots were really bad and painful but I managed to get rid of them in 2 months which may seem like a lot of time but to have clear skin is really worth the wait. I can whittle it down to a couple of factors – skin care products and doctor advice.


Clarins Products

Skin care products

I got a ‘free’ dermatology meeting with a beauty sales advisor for Clarins where she made me list everything I did in my skin care routine. She stopped me suddenly when I mentioned that I used face wipes to remove my make up and told me this was bad. What why?! Apparently my skin is way too sensitive for wipes and that it’s like sand paper against it. Well what else could I use?!? The answer: an alcohol free cleanser. Secondly she said I was using way too much in my routine. She suggested cutting it down to one cleanse a day, a combination skin treatment and lotus oil. She gave me samples for all of these.

The Clarins Combination skin treatment is very good at moisturising my skin, removing any greasy surface on my skin and I find it also reduces my pore size, I use this is in the morning before foundation. The Cleanser I use at night with a cotton pad to remove my make-up, this I do very gently so I don’t irritate my sensitive skin. Lastly the Lotus oil I also use at night and I massage this into my skin focusing on my spot scars.

Everybody has different types of skin and I cannot guarantee that these will work for you too, however if you have sensitive skin then this perfect. These combined seem to have soothed my angry red spots helping them reduce down quickly and painlessly.


Differin Gel

Doctors advice

I have written this is in more detail in a past post here but I went to the doctors for help before I had tried the Clarins products and he prescribed me ‘Differin Gel’ which is a stronger gel for spots than you can find in shops. It’s method of reducing spots is to dry the affected area which – and this gross – basically peels the spots off(painlessly and slowly). The problem with this is it did leave scars behind hence why the Lotus oil above has come in handy.

Additionally, he gave me antibiotics which I no longer need any more, but I did take these twice a day and it kills the acne bacteria to stop it spreading.  To get hold of these items you will have to go to the doctors and don’t worry about how bad your spots are, whether they’re small or large, anyone with spots that cannot be treated by drug store products gets the opportunity to try these.

I hope my experiences help! I have tried many more products but honestly these have been working for so long and I would not swap them, the Clarins products are expensive but I am willing to spend if it will make my skin clear and bring my confidence back. Good luck!


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