Garnier BB cream for sensitive skin – Review

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I remember when I first got Garnier’s BB cream back when they only had one type, and I remember really liking it. So when I got a free sample of Garnier BB cream but for sensitive skin type I was more than enthusiastic to try it!

It felt so smooth and was easy to put on. I decided to go and buy the product from Boots for £9.99, which if I remember rightly is more expensive than when I first got their original about 2 years ago.

When I had tried the sample of it my skin was relatively clear. Yesterday and today I have tried it out and my skin at the moment is quite red and I have a few spots. I found that the BB cream alone did not cover up the really red spots so well and I had to use a concealer. Which I usually do for my normal foundation, however because the packaging said it evens out skin tone I got my hopes up it would actually do that by itself.

The positives of this BB cream is that it is very smooth and so easy and quick to apply, you don’t need to use a brush or a makeup sponge, using fingers is absolutely fine. It feels very light and it states that it has a spf of 25 which I completely agree with because when I was out in the sun wearing it my arms got burnt and my face was perfectly fine. Additionally, my skin feels soft and hydrated!

The BB cream says how it has calming properties within it and I have noticed that when I take the BB cream off my spots do not look irritated and during the day my spots do go down which is something my foundation doesn’t do for me. So overall, whilst it hasn’t covered up the redness it does help it go down throughout the day.

 I would recommend this if you are looking for light coverage however use a concealer if you need more coverage. It comes in two shades, light and medium. I will buy this again, purely for the summer months when I do not need anything heavy on my skin. You can find this cream in any local makeup seller, the places I have seen it is in Boots and Superdrug, my local shops.


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