Five looks with basic black jeans

How many people have black jeans as their daily go to? I know I definitely do and quite often I am terrible at mixing up my outfits, so it quickly becomes an all-black combo: black vest, black jumper, black jeans, black flats etc, etc. Therefore, I decided to mix it up with five recently bought tops (had to take advantage of the new year sales of course) along with these every day black jeans from Topshop.


First up is this really simple white tee from New Look that reads “living my best life” – because are you really living your best life if you don’t tell everyone? When it comes to design, I love simplicity and white spacing, so this was right up my street. I opted for tucking it into my jeans to give the outfit a smarter look along with the belt (also from New Look) to accessorise it. I went for these high heeled leather feel boots from Urban Outfitters (was £70 down to £20!!!) to elongate my legs. This gave the look a completed feel, however I also added on a cardigan from Next just to really the pull the outfit together, as well as keeping me warmer in these winter months – and yes, I did pose in nearly freezing temperature to get this photo.



This outfit is my faaaaaaave. I seldom wear such bright colours, but this jumper was amazing from Topshop. I find that off shoulder tops tend to suit me due to my narrow shoulders and prominent collar bones so seeing off the shoulder jumpers being a trend definitely got me excited. It was quite expensive, and I wouldn’t normally spend this much on a jumper, but I had Christmas money so splurged a little – also had the influence of my friend telling me it looked great on me. I tucked the front of the jumper in and paired the outfit with some flat black shoes from Primark which feature a gold accessory on them that just went with the yellow jumper.



My next top here is a bodysuit from New Look which does up at the bottom, queue on the difficulties doing it up again during drunk nights out! Originally in the shop I tried on the blue version of this top which looked okay on me, but I knew I had these red shoes from Next at home that could go with the red one. I would wear this top on a night out although I would be interested to try some tit tape to add a cleavage boost with this – the back is lacey so wearing a bra is out of the question really. I have never worn tit tape before so if anyone has any advice or a go to, I would be very appreciative. I did think about a necklace with this top, however I like the low plunge neckline and felt adding in a necklace just ruined the long neck affect it gave.



The next top is from Urban Outfitters, again in the sale with student discount on top – great deal. I recently wore this out to the pub and the top just presents itself with the lovely ring in the middle pulling the material in and the flowing arms making it an interesting top to wear. Again, it’s nice to wear some colour with the black jeans and I loved how the colours looked with fake tan applied when I wore it to the pub. When I say fake tan, I mean it makes me look a somewhat darker colour rather than a I’ve just been to Spain for a week tan. I felt it needed a simple choker necklace with it which was borrowed from my friend and has a cute little elephant on it. This was also paired with the red heels from Next – they are literally so comfy they are now my go-to. Added benefit of the red shoes is when I click my heels together 3 times, I go home…



And finally, here is a cosy jumper which I got as a Christmas present from Primark. I never normally wear turtle necks as I just always assumed that they never suited me but with my hair up I’d say I can pull it off. My friend said it makes me look like Habbs from Made in Chelsea who often wears turtlenecks which I’ll take as a compliment but who knows! It is certainly very warm for this ridiculously cold January. I like wearing this top as an indoor comfy jumper, so I only paired this with my socks and got comfy on the sofa. I find that tucking a longer jumper up under my bra can make me look somewhat taller as it makes the jumper look shorter. My evening ended wearing this jumper and watching Birdbox which was an insane film! But I wish I had known the mental health underlining before I watched it because that is a really interesting interpretation. Anyone read the book it is based on?

Photos by Charlotte Elmer


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