Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara Review

Straight to the point… it’s brilliant! But there’s some cons…

The Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara

The reason why is because it makes my lashes look thicker and longerthan any other mascara has before for me. I did not realise Clarins did make-up, check my blogs – I am a huge Clarins fan! But I got this mascara for Christmas and I just love it. A lot. There is a couple cons I will get to later in this post.

Another great point about this mascara is itlasts all day, until you take it off. It does not flake off or fall off. It just stays. I can wear the same coat of mascara to University and then to the club later on. So that is about 18 hours…

There is also no need to layer the mascara on to get a good effect from it. One coat and you are done. Simple. Easy.

However! Due to it’s amazing lasting power it is awful to get off. The Clarins eye makeup remover does the trick but I only got a sample of this and I cannot afford it regularly. I tried it with my Simple eye makeup remover which still left dots of mascara on my eyelashes which I had to pick off with my fingers.

So for this reason I have taken to only wearing it on nights out/ special events because it is a beautiful mascara but it does make my life hard when it comes to taking it off.




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