Milk Shake Incredible Milk 12 Effects – Review

I had been doing some research into how to make my hair healthy again for a little while when I came across a product called Milk_Shake. This led me to check out their website: which had the product called ‘Incerdible Milk 12 Effects’. The description of it sounded perfect for my hair and what made it stand out for me was the fact it was going to smell of milkshake!  Continue reading


How to Get Clear Skin – my version ♥


How bad my spots were.


My skin now

My spots were really bad and painful but I managed to get rid of them in 2 months which may seem like a lot of time but to have clear skin is really worth the wait. I can whittle it
down to a couple of factors – skin care products and doctor advice. Continue reading

Should I go to the Doctors about my Acne/ Spots?

I’ve suffered from spots for ages, and as my friends have grown up, they get a couple spots a month (if that) which clear up quickly and easily. Mine are still consistent and maybe a couple days a month I don’t have a new spot appearing. I decided,  as I’m nearly 18, it may be time to talk to someone about my acne. I put it off because I always thought, what could a doctor do for my spots? Continue reading