Milk Shake Incredible Milk 12 Effects – Review

I had been doing some research into how to make my hair healthy again for a little while when I came across a product called Milk_Shake. This led me to check out their website: which had the product called ‘Incerdible Milk 12 Effects’. The description of it sounded perfect for my hair and what made it stand out for me was the fact it was going to smell of milkshake! 

The 12 effects are:milkshake
1) To repair
2) Control frizz
3) Prevents split ends
4) Heat protection
5) Long lasting hairstyle
6) De-tangles
7) Adds shine
8) Adds volume
9) Easier to straighten
10) Maintains hair colour
11) Protects from UV rays
12) Smooths the cuticles

First of all the smell is gorgeous! Not sickly at all. I could smell it’s sweet vanillary smell through the little bag it came in. Since using this product I have noticed a positive difference in my hair’s healthiness which was my main aim. My hair was softer and had less split ends appearing. I can’t say it got rid of split ends (it doesn’t claim it can) but it did prevent any more appearing. Additionally, it left my hair very soft, my boyfriend could not stop stroking my hair! It does make styling easier such as getting a comb through it doesn’t take so much effort and hair drying time was reduced.

Unfortunately, spraying the product was a bit difficult. Maybe I was just being silly! But it felt as though it didn’t spray wide enough and was too concentrated on one area meaning I had to spray it a lot more times to get the product all over my hair. This has resulted in the product going down very quickly!

I received the product as a special Christmas bundle and it came with the moisturising milk shower gel and this smells so incredible too! The bundle cost £14.99 but the 12 effects costs £12.99 by itself. It’s costly but the fact it can do so many things is really amazing. I would say it is worth the price, however, it is annoying how quick it goes! It is used on towel dried hair only. It is also made with organic murumuru which is known for its high moisturising properties. You can buy it from here:



4 thoughts on “Milk Shake Incredible Milk 12 Effects – Review

  1. Charis says:

    Hiya 🙂 Just as a tip – I found out through my hairdresser that if you just spray it into the palm a few times, you can just put it on your fingertips and pull it through your hair like a gel. Works a lot better and one bottle lasts me about three months.

  2. Turchese says:

    Thank you for this beautiful review!
    I can relate to you when you say that the spritz are never wider enough! So many times i bought hair products with similar sprays.

    I would encourage you to try the Milkshake Whipped leave in conditioner: it smells like caramel and it is far more easier to distrubute in hair 🙂

    Best wishes,

    • blouise11 says:

      Hello Turchese!

      You are very welcome!(:

      I’m glad you understand me!(: I feel like it makes the product run out quicker too.
      I might just do that, thank you very much for the suggestion(:

      Becca x

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