How to go from Dark Hair to Blonde Hair

meI am going to be honest right now and you can decide if you really want this. The process will be long and costly, there is no easy, cheap way out if you want healthy hair at the end. There may be some quick, easy ways of doing it such as home bleach kits 4 times in a row.. But my method doesn’t make you lose your hair… Ultimately it is up to you, I strongly recommend doing it slowly and with professional help when it comes to bleach. I will add photos of my hair colour as I explain what I did.


Darkest hair – Dark Brown/Black


Medium Brown

This is my hair when I started the process, it is basically the colour black. I had no idea how to get my hair to blonde and I was pretty scared of the whole bleach idea, plus I had no money to get it!
So I let the colour fade to a medium brown colour before I did anything else.


brass brown

Brassy Brown

Once at this stage, I used a product called ‘colour b4’ which promised to take colour out of your hair and return it to it’s natural one. I can’t say it returned to it’s natural colour but it definitely took most of the dark colour out. My hair was left a brassy colour, which it did warn on the leaflet, that sometimes colours can stain your hair too much it can’t get it out. It also said you could use this product 3 times, it was £8 to buy so I used it the full 3 times coming to £24 in total. My hair now had no more brown in it at all but it was still brassy. I was advised to try a purple shampoo & conditioner called Provoke, this was very cheap to buy, less than £8 for both. This worked amazingly at taking the brass out my hair and changed it to a more mousy colour, some brass did remain unfortunately but overall it worked. The ‘colour b4’ applications and the purple shampoo took about 3 months, it could have been a lot quicker if I had known what I was doing!


1st step blonde

First Highlights

2nd step

2nd Highlights

But, because I waited so long after applying ‘colour b4’ my hairdresser said that my hair took to the bleach incredibly well. As I mentioned, I got professional help at this bleach part, it was around Christmas 2012 so I had money. My hairdresser advised doing highlights and gradually adding more as the healthiest way for my hair. The cost of this can vary to each hairdresser. Mine was approx. £40. I remember not liking this very much due to the brassy brown underneath it still. But I waited a couple of months before getting anything more done on it to let my hair get back to it’s natural state again. I liked this more because there was less brassy brown to be seen. However, my hair was starting to feel a bit dry and damaged to I gave it about 4 months off from any more dying.



Blonde hair dye highlights

After a discussion with my hairdresser, we decided I didn’t need bleach any more and we tried the lightest blonde hair dye which is only a little better for your hair than bleach. I found this worked well because it added blonde in, did my roots and got rid of warmth in my hair. Plus it was a bit cheaper at around £30.



Blonde now

And this is exactly where I am now. Just going to the hairdressers every 2 months to get blonde hair dye highlights added to cover my roots and add to my colour. The length of time for it to look properly blonde would be about 6 months. I am currently writing this a year later from when I started. Lengthy, costly process, but I haven’t had my hair fall out! And I think that’s a good end result! My end colour is a natural blonde, which was my goal, if you wish for a lighter blonde colour then go back for a few more bleach highlights rather than dye.

I hope your process goes well too!
Good luck! x



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