Should I go to the Doctors about my Acne/ Spots?

I’ve suffered from spots for ages, and as my friends have grown up, they get a couple spots a month (if that) which clear up quickly and easily. Mine are still consistent and maybe a couple days a month I don’t have a new spot appearing. I decided,  as I’m nearly 18, it may be time to talk to someone about my acne. I put it off because I always thought, what could a doctor do for my spots? There’s people out there who are so much worse than me.


How bad my spots are right now

Bit the bullet and saw the doctor this morning, he was nice about it and I got the impression he had been through this with people a lot as he didn’t have to ask many questions and it was over pretty quickly.
He changed my pill from Rigevidon to Loestrin with the hope it will help hormonal acne. Furthermore he prescribed me an anti-biotic called Erthromycin (below image on left) which should clear bacteria, as well as a gel called Defferin gel (below image on right) to be applied directly to the acne.
I’m hoping that these will really clear the persistent spots I have because my self confidence is tiny and I find it hard to even look in people’s eyes when they’re talking to me.


If you have consistent/ persistent spots I recommend you see a doctor, because sometimes drug store products just don’t work :/

However there is no guarantee that these prescriptions will work yet, I will be trying them for about a month, the doctor warned me that it can take a month for these prescriptions to work anyways. I will keep you updated, and anybody who has taken these prescriptions, let me know how you got on!



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