My First Post – What I want to achieve.

This post is a little insight into why/how I’m blogging. It is a short background of what I hope to achieve and how I plan to get there. Also I feel motivated to blog right away, to let a new post be the first thing I do on word press.

I have wanted to blog for a while but kept putting it off because I thought I wouldn’t get anywhere in the world of blogging. Pretty cynical?
After doing a lot of research into blogging I realised that I can do this, that it is baby steps and as an ambitious person I enjoy completing my goals.

My goals?
Create a beauty blog where I can get my honest thoughts on products out to readers, help readers create a certain look  and give general beauty advice whilst being able to interact with other people and learn their opinions and advice.

I was torn between concentrating on beauty or fashion. But in the end, after realising I’m more likely to buy beauty products when I go shopping than clothes, I felt confident that beauty was my forte.

I have battled with skin problems e.g. spots, redness and boring looking skin, I have overcome tired looking eyes and tried to find ways to make bigger eyelids look good. Contouring my face and using massage oils are among many things I have sussed out. I wish to share my experience with everyone, whilst learning new things as I progress(I hope) through the beauty blog industry!

Now you know I am a newbie in this world, I would warmly welcome any advice or constructive criticism on how to improve and progress.

Thank you for reading this snippet of what is to come.


photo 2


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