Get to know me: 25 Questions

  1. What is your middle name?: Louise.
  2. What was favourite subject at school?: English but when we got to be creative with stories or poems, I disliked analysing books because I was never very good at writing essays. Actually, I enjoyed media studies a lot too in college because we got to use the Apple Macs and InDesign to create a magazine!
  3. What is your favourite drink?: At the moment it is either hot chocolate or peach ice tea Continue reading

Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara Review

Straight to the point… it’s brilliant!  But there’s some cons…

The Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara

The Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara

The reason why is because it makes my lashes look thicker and longer than any other mascara has before for me. I did not realise Clarins did make-up, check my blogs – I am a huge Clarins fan! But I got this mascara for Christmas and I just love it. A lot. There is a couple cons I will get to later in this post.  Continue reading

How to stop hair going frizzy overnight!

nofrizzMy hair is prone to become very frizzy overnight, especially if I have just washed it before. This blog will advise you on how I have reduced and combated over-night frizzy hair.

If you want to keep your hair down overnight then my main observation is that my hair is less frizzy when it is moisturised. My reason for this is because when the hair feels dry it rubs against the pillow a lot more rather than being silky and just falling on the pillow.  This means conditioning is a must and/or using a moisturising leave in hair conditioner/ treatment.
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